Danish Photographer and Director Thomas Skou takes photos to tell stories with his personal touch whether it is working on commercial or personal shoots.

Therefore he has traveled the majority of the world continents on numerous personal projects and with a wide range of clients the past 15 years.

Thomas is a teamplayer though the term “One man army” could describe him well as he has independently produced, directed, styled and retouched projects, big as small.

He launched his professional career in Copenhagen in 2005, though having worked passionate with photography since his teenage years.

His clean style is the epitome of Nordic sensitivity as he brings a focus on natural light and an intimate presence and depth to his work.

Selected Clients

Editorial work has appeared in publications such as:

ID Magazine, Vogue italy, WAD, Euroman, ELLE, Cover, Costume, Soundvenue, UD & SE, Horseriders journal and Harvard Business Review.

Commercial clients include Zalando, Levi’s Skateboarding, Lewis Leathers, Jack & Jones, Nike, Capture One Pro, Norse project, RAINS, Wood Wood, Sailer Jerry Rum, Cottonfield, Malteser Aquavit and Eat Dust.


Get in touch with Thomas Skou. Email: info@thomasskou.com Danish phone no. +45 22 11 83 30

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